Terms and Conditions
The Mummy Tree Markets

The Mummy Tree Markets shall provide to any approved and accepted stallholder a stall site and to any entertainer or other service provider a site,  at the market or markets identified in their application form upon them:

A.      Paying the required fees on application; and

B.      Complying with all the following terms and conditions.

In this agreement, unless otherwise specified “stallholders” includes all entertainers and service providers.

1.      Applications

Stallholders agree that:

(a) all applications for a stall site shall be way of the application form provided on The Mummy Tree Markets website; or otherwise

(b) completed applications, accompanied by the required fees, shall be processed and approved by The Mummy Tree Markets in the order in which they are made;

(c) all information provided by the stall holder in its application  must be true and correct; and

(d) the decision to approve and accept an application lies in the absolute discretion of The Mummy Tree Markets.

2.     Product Types and Standards

Stallholders agree that:

(a) all products and services sold by stallholders in their stalls must:

(i) not be pre-used or second hand;

(ii) be ethically sourced and preferably handcrafted

(iii) otherwise conform to any requirements, standards and criteria published by The Mummy Tree Markets;

(iv) comply with the Australian Consumer Law and any other regulation as to standards and safety.

(b) the products sold in their stalls and other services provided must conform to the description given in their application form and that any material change to these must have prior written approval by The Mummy Tree Markets.

3.     Stalls

Stallholders agree that all stalls:

(a) must be properly secured by weights. Stalls at The Mummy Tree Markets at Sanctuary Cove must only be secured by weights sufficient to account for potential windy conditions.

(b) be 3 metres by 3 metres quality pop-up marquees;

(c) otherwise shall conform to any standards and requirements published by The Mummy Tree Markets from time to time;

(d) display products and services in a clean, neat and attractive manner and otherwise be maintained in a tidy, neat and safe state.

(e) contain no tables without table cloths which effectively conceal any items stored underneath.

(f) be erected so as to allow free passage to all persons in a safe manner.

4.     Conduct on Market Days

Stallholders agree that they shall:

(a) arrive at the relevant market site by 7:30 am on the relevant market day in preparation for trading to start no later than 9:00 am;

(b) ensure that no vehicles are parked:

(i) in the market area;

(ii) so as to block access to any existing shops;

(iii) in any of the designated “buggy” parking zones at Sanctuary Cove;

(iv) other than in properly signed parking areas.

(c) operate their stall until no earlier than 1 pm on the relevant market day;

(d) follow all directions of the Market Day Co-ordinator engaged by The Mummy Tree Markets;

(e) complete clean up of their stall as soon as possible after 1 pm, if possible by 2pm.

(f) ensure that their stall and the entire Mummy Tree Market area remains a “No Smoking” area.

5.     Cancellations and Refunds

The Mummy Tree Markets agrees that:

(a) any fees paid with an application that is not accepted shall be fully refunded to the stallholder within a reasonable time;

(b) any discounts for which the stallholder qualifies according to the criteria published on The Mummy Tree Markets website from time to time, shall be refunded to the stallholder within a reasonable time.

Stallholders agree that:

(a) any fees paid with an application that is accepted are non-refundable;

(b) the risk of cancellation or interruption of any market due to weather conditions or any other cause beyond the control of The Mummy Tree Markets is with the stallholder and, in the event of such cancellation or interruption, any fees paid remain Non-refundable.

                 (c)   however, if a market is cancelled for bad weather by The Mummy Tree Markets, stallholders will be offered a transfer to another market in the same calendar year,  subject to availability.

6.     Risk Management : Stallholders agree and acknowledge that during any market day:

(a) any entertainer/service provider working with children shall have a Blue Card or any other qualification required by the relevant State Government for persons working with children;

(b) they shall ensure that no image of a child shall be recorded, used or transmitted without the express consent of their parent or guardian;

(c) the insurance cover provided by The Mummy Tree Markets DOES NOT cover injury or damage to persons or property arising out of:

(i) second hand mechanical and electrical goods and toys;

(ii) medicines, potions, oils, fragrances, soaps and beauty products;

(iii) massage, manipulation, chiropractic treatment or similar;

(iv) hazardous, flammable or dangerous goods.

                         (v) any performance, entertainment, game or competition whether to the performer or entertainer or to participants in the activity.

(vi) any amusement ride of any kind including those involving animals.

(d) the stallholders shall, where appropriate, obtain their own insurance for the above risks.

(e) they shall provide an indemnity to The Mummy Tree Markets for any damage, loss, claim, or injury to persons or property arising from the operation of their stall or business while at any market operated by The Mummy Tree Markets.

7.     No Waiver

If The Mummy Tree Markets waives any right under this agreement, that waiver is temporary and cannot be relied on by the stallholder for any other purpose or at any other time.

8.     Relevant Law

This agreement is subject to the laws of Queensland and any dispute arising out of this agreement shall be resolved in Queensland.

9.     Entire Agreement

This document represents the entire agreement between The Mummy Tree Markets and the Stallholder.

10.     No Agency

Stallholders agree that they are not employees or agents of The Mummy Tree Markets and cannot speak for it nor use the name or logo of The Mummy Tree Markets without written consent.