The Mummy Tree Online – T&C’s

We are providing a unique online marketplace to showcase and sell a diverse range of quality merchandise. There are also opportunities to network with other businesses and share knowledge with like minded colleagues within our stallholder facebook group who can truly relate to the benefits of running a small or home based business.

We compliment our online ‘Mad Dash Sale’ marketplace with our Instagram competitions enabling your business to grow online with both new sales and new followers. This is a low cost way to promote and expand your business online from the comfort of your home.

‘The Mummy Tree Online Mad Dash Sale Market Events’ aim is to offer quality unique merchandise at great discount prices and offer stallholders a desirable online opportunity to showcase their wares without having a top price attached. The Mummy Tree Online Instagram Competitions offer an immediate way to gain more targeted followers and also connect with other like minded businesses – leading to business growth and further collaborations.

PLEASE NOTE: You must offer FREE SHIPPING when two or more items are purchased in the one transaction as a minimum to be involved in our online Facebook ‘Mad Dash Sales Events’ and a $25 Gift Voucher for the Instagram Loop Competitions. You also have to support the other businesses involved by sharing the EVENT and liking and commenting their Stall image on our facebook page and also on the Instagram Competition.

Selection Process

Our online ‘Mad Dash’ markets do not showcase mass produced, second hand or products which are easily found in shops. Products/services must be of a high quality and there has to be a uniqueness to what is showcased, we prefer handmade but are not limited to this and we will also look at some vintage lines and anything which has a point of difference which we believe will enhance our Online Sale Events.

If you are unsure if your range meets out criteria, please CONTACT US to discuss.

We reserve the right not to accept retailers who do not meet our criteria or who we feel are not suitable for the demographic we are catering for.

We will have a variety of general ‘Mad Dash Sale’ events very regularly throughout the year and special one off events, you must reside in Australia to be involved.

*Also it is essential your products meet Government Standards before applying to attend our markets as we take no responsibility in regards to your compliance.

Business products and services must cater for pregnancy, babies, children, teens and/or families (Mums & Dads) and the home to be considered.

We try and select stallholders to ensure we have as much variety as is possible. We would like each of our retailers to have a point-of-difference to what is available elsewhere. We will look for a depth of product/service range, style, uniqueness, quality and realistic pricing when selecting retailers.

If your application is unsuccessful and you feel you do meet our guidelines please do not take it personally and please do not be put off applying again. It may be that we have other businesses already booked in which offer a very similar product. It is in the interest of all our retailers that we do not have too many of the same type of stalls involved in our online events (unless a specialty event), to both limit competition and to also offer enough variety, therefore providing a positive experience for everyone including our customers. If we have met out stallholder limit for the event you have applied for we will transfer you over to the very next event which will be only a short time later.

All events are run on Saturday and Wednesday nights consecutively from 6.30pm to 9.30pm.

Payment must be made at the time of applying for your application to be considered. If unsuccessful you will be fully refunded within 7-14 days of applying or within 3 days of being advised.

Whilst we have a strict selection criteria it will still be a case of first in first approved for these Online Mad Dash Sale Events – this means if you apply and pay first and you meet our criteria and your products are the same as (4) other businesses who applied after you – you will be approved over the other applicants, depending of course on the quota allowed for that type of product for that market.

If we have met our stall limits for the event and you meet our criteria we will approve you for our very next event.  If you are not approved we will refund you.

Important: You must have a Facebook Business Page and Instagram Page (public) for your Business as minimum to apply for our online events.

Find more info about setting up your facebook business page HERE –

Find more info about setting up your Instagram account HERE –

Event Time

As mentioned all our online Mad Dash Sale Events will run for a duration of ‘3 hrs only’. You must be present online throughout this time to answer questions and monitor your online stall.

Events will be held on Wednesday and Saturday Nights on rotation – 6.30pm to 9.30pm.

Please complete the online application under the APPLY tab to be involved.

PLEASE NOTE – Full stall payment $39 + GST is required at the time of making your application to have your application assessed/approved. Any application which comes in without payment will not be assessed until payment has been received, we believe these NEW online events will be very popular and we will be capping the stalls at 30 per event (plus 3 free stalls), so please do bear this in mind.

PLEASE REMEMBER – Applications will still be individually assessed however it will be on a first come basis, so if you have a similar business to another who has already applied/paid before you, they may be successful and you may not be to ensure competition is limited as much is possible (unless you are applying for a specialty event).

***DISCOUNTS – If you become a Member you will receive a CODE to use online to receive a $5 discount per online event (up to 10 discounts permitted per year). More information on our Memberships can be found HERE

*Please note making and paying for your application is not a guarantee of selection BUT if unsuccessful you will be refunded.

Market Applications will remain OPEN until the market is full (30 stalls + 3 FREE stalls) however please note that stall placement will be made at time of applying and market information will be available in our STALLHOLDER GROUP one week prior to the online market date.

IMPORTANT – Please remember your application includes your online market stall and entry to participate in our Instagram competition – TWO ways for your business to increase sales and grow your social media presence for a minimal outlay. You must participate in both events. You also must promote the event and competition as outlined, failure to do so not only affects the events success it also affects your success and will jeopardize your future involvement in these events.

Thank you