Will I be refunded if I am not approved?

We will fully refund  any business that has not been approved. However there are no refunds for stallholder cancellation or bad weather.

Why might I not be approved?

  • We prefer mostly local handcrafted items.
  • We do not sell second hand items.
  • We do accept imported handcrafted items but they must be ethically sourced.
  • All products must be of high quality and must comply with Australian standards.
  • Stallholders offering services which may suit our boutique family theme  are also considered.
  • An application may be rejected if there have been too many applications from businesses which already have a similar/same product. In this case we will offer to transfer you to another market date or place you on a cancellation list.
  • Stallholders are approved on a first come basis and only after payment has been received.

When can I apply for your markets?

Stallholders can apply as soon as applications open for all our markets until they are full. We will announce when applications open on Facebook and Instagram.

Any business has the option of applying for one or multiple markets at once. In order to be considered,  all applications must include payment.

Applications will remain open until the market is full.


Do I have to pay when I apply?

We do not assess or approve an application without payment. If you are not successful we will provide a full refund.

We have found that there is a stronger commitment by the applying business to attend. It also means we can spend as much time as possible on promoting our markets and not chasing payments.



How big are your stalls and are weights required?

All our Bring Your Own marquee spots are 3m x 3m at all our outdoor markets. Indoor market stalls are 3m x 1.5m .

It is a requirement of the Mummy Tree Markets that all stallholders use weights on their marquees. Pegs are not allowed at any of our venues. No weights will mean no trade on market day as it is a safety issue.

What does my fee include?

We work very hard on our markets and offer a quality experience for the stallholder. There are some great benefits in attending our markets:

  • Public Liability Insurance for most of our stallholders is offered at no extra charge(there are some exclusions please see our terms and conditions). Many markets do not include this or you will be charged extra to have it included or you will have to take out your own policy. We feel it is important to offer this.
  • We have a large online following and we strongly promote the markets. We have seen many businesses grow from attending our markets.
  • The ability to promote your business and sell to a targeted demographic.


What is needed for set up and do I need weights?

All the Mummy Tree Markets are Bring Your Own set up.

Stallholders are required to bring their own marquee, tables, chairs, tablecloths and weights.

Weights on marquees are a requirement of being a stallholder at the Mummy Tree Markets. No Pegs are allowed. If you do not have weights, unfortunately you cannot trade on the day as it is a safety issue.

Marquees must be of a high standard, 3mx3m (Oz Trail or equivalent) and must be secured by weights specifically designed for marquees.  All marquees should be unbranded. Tables must be covered and all items stored neatly under.

Our public liability insurance cover of $10 million extends to some stallholders who do not carry their own.

Mummy Tree Markets does not charge extra for this cover. However there are exclusions. They are:

-Claims arising from forcible ejection of third party security guards

-Injury to performers/actors/singers/entertainers and participants

-Product liability for all second hand electrical goods and toys

-Product liability for cosmetic and beauty products

-Product liability for medicines, potions, oils, fragrances and soaps (coverage for these products may be considered if their ingredients are predominantly natural)

-Amusement rides of any kind

-Massage, manipulation of muscles and chiropractic

-Hazardous, flammable or dangerous goods

-Hot food stall holders unless agreed

When are your markets held?


There were 6 markets scheduled for Sanctuary Cove for 2018.  There are 2 markets left for this year. They are to be held on October 27 and December 8. All markets are held from 9-1pm.

Our Brisbane market for 2018 has finished after two were held earlier this year at  56 Racecourse Road, Hamilton – on the grounds of St Augustine’s Church.

New dates for 2019 will be announced later this year. If you have an interest in having a stall at our two remaining markets at Sanctuary Cove please contact us.

Do you refund my stall fees if the market is cancelled due to bad weather?

We do not refund because of bad weather.

We have been running our markets since Oct 2010 and we have only ever cancelled two markets due to severe weather.  Because of the amount of marketing and promotion we do for each individual market date and all our other non-refundable costs we simply cannot refund.

If a market is cancelled by the Mummy Tree Markets because of bad weather we will offer stallholders a transfer to another market which has available spaces.

Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.

How do I contact you?

You can contact us via email or phone 0401267811.