Mad Dash Online Stallholder FAQ’s

How often will you be running these events?

We hope to be running them very regularly.

What do I have to do to be involved and how much does it cost to participate in these online events and competitions?

Firstly your application covers you for two events – the online ‘Mad Dash Sale’ Market Event on facebook as well as the corresponding Instagram Loop Competition.
It will cost you $35 + GST total in application fees for both events and you will need to offer FREE SHIPPING (as a minimum) when two or more items are purchased through the online ‘Mad Dash Sale’ Market event (plus whatever else you want to offer) PLUS a $20 gift voucher for the Instagram Competition.

You will also have the option to receive extra promotion for your business when we are promoting this event via features in our paid advertising for $10 extra per event, however this is totally optional.  We will also create a buddy system of business promotion to really help you network and grow your business exposure.

To be involved you have to have a facebook business page, and Instagram account for your business and products to sell that fit in to our criteria and be based in Australia.
You have to also ensure you ‘Like’ our facebook page, Join our facebook group and ‘Follow us’ on Instagram once you have applied and have been approved too.
You also have to be available during the actual sale event and post on both Facebook and Instagram as required. All information will be sent to you when you are approved.

What type of promotion will you be doing and how many businesses will be involved per event?

We will be doing extensive online promotion on Facebook, Instagram and other suitable websites – we will also be doing paid promotion to ensure as many people as possible participate in the event. Your stall images will also be posted to our main Facebook page with over 20000 likers as well as posted to Instagram and in the event ready for the event.

You will also be promoted through a stallholder buddy system prior to the event and you can also elect to be featured in our online paid advertising for an extra $10 per event. We will be working extremely hard to make this event the BEST Online Sale Event and Competition for small family focused businesses.

We will cap each event to 30 businesses PLUS (3) Free Businesses Stalls to allow maximum results.

Do I have to be involved in both the competition and the online market or can I just choose one?

We have bundled this as a unique promotional tool for small, mostly mum based businesses to get the maximum return on their investment.  By being a part of both the facebook Mad Dash Sale Event and the Instagram Competition means you not only have the opportunity to sell your products but also to grow your likers and followers.  There is also the added benefit of making some new business friends and contacts by supporting the other businesses involved and they in turn will support yours.  We feel this is a very targeted and very unique offering and we feel the best results will be achieved by being a part of both so you do need to be a part of both events to participate.

Can I offer something other than FREE SHIPPING?

Yes of course, you can run different specials under your stall throughout the 3 hr period but as a minimum you must offer FREE SHIPPING when any two items or more are purchased from your SALE album in the one transaction.

My products can be quite expensive to ship, is there any other offer I can include instead?

Unfortunately we do have one rule for everyone, to be involved, however I would suggest only offering big ticket items where the shipping can be absorbed in your SALE or smaller items which are less expensive to ship.  If this really is a concern for you please contact us as we do offer an alternative for heavy/big items with high shipping costs.

Do I need a website to be involved?

No you don’t but you will need to run your sale through your facebook business page if you don’t – so you will need to create a sale album on your business page to share in the event (under your stall image) and make sure people know the first to comment SOLD gets that product at that price.

I have never done anything like this before, is it easy to manage?

Yes very easy, you will get some initial information once you are approved and you will then be able to join the stallholder group for the event, where you can ask questions and more information will be provided, just don’t forget to ensure notifications are turned on for the group so you don’t miss anything important when you join up.

Do you think participating in these regularly is better than attending real life market events?

We think they all work hand in hand to grow your business and you should participate in both regular real life market events and these regular online events to cover all types of buyers.

What do I need to do on Instagram?

You will need to have a business account which is public, then all you need to do for the sale is promote your three buddies with the online image provided for the sale, for the competition all you need to do is post the graphic image you will be provided with and the text and tags the day after the online mad dash sale, all information will be provided to you once you apply but it really is very easy.  You also need to provide a gift voucher of $20 to participate.

What if I apply and you have already reached your maximum 30 stallholders?

We will approve you in advance for our very next event, which will hopefully be only a short time later.

What if for some reason I have to cancel my participation, will I get a refund?

Unfortunately no, we do however offer the option to transfer to the very next event as long as it is 2 weeks or more before the actual event you applied for when you advise us, as all the paperwork for the event and graphic images will either be completed or nearly completed by that time.

I am really excited about participating but how can I assure my success in these events, what is realistic to expect?

Firstly like any event you must ensure you have marketable products, that your quality is high and that your range is both unique and hitting your target market in style and price.  This is essential, if you are not in this position you will need to get your products to this level before participating to ensure you are not wasting your time.  Spend time looking online at other similar businesses to understand where their popularity comes from and how they promote their business but do not copy anyone else and always remember to be unique.  Secondly look at your image quality, as these are 100% online events – your images are really the key to your success.  Spend time arranging your products appealingly and make sure the photos are light and bright, again look at other businesses and online tutorials to help you with this. Thirdly you must get involved, share and promote the event yourself like all the other participating businesses will be and support the other businesses involved too to ensure success for all, don’t forget to comment on posts too…think of this as networking personally as well as growing professionally.  Fourthly, think of what you will be offering and what specials and ask yourself if it would make you buy if you saw that offer, no point only offering things that you have struggled to sell previously for a price that is unappealing and expect a successful event.

Remember your first time might be a bit of a learning curve like anything new is but we really feel this is a great and low cost opportunity to grow your business and the ongoing potential is huge so don’t be afraid to try it.

Can I book for multiple events at once and in advance so I don’t miss out?

Initially no, but eventually yes you will be able to book in to more than one event.

Is there any limit to how many products can be included in my SALE (either on my website or Facebook album)?

No absolutely not, you can include as many products as you like as long as your products are high quality and your product photos are clear and of a good and marketable quality.

I have a Party Plan Business – can I still be involved?

Yes you can however we will be limiting this to one of type and only a small number in total, you also need to offer set products to sell, no sign ups to receive a discount etc., you have to have a range of products to sell in an album to be included.

Will there be other businesses the same as mine involved in the same event?

Generally no, we will try to limit direct competition for our general online Mad Dash Sale markets.  We will at times have specialist events (for example Everything for little girls) where there will be multiple similar types of businesses but even in this situation we will still try to look for as much variety as possible.

Sounds good how do I apply?

You can apply online HERE you will be required to pay your application fee via paypal at the time of booking, if you are not approved you will be fully refunded.

Once you have applied you will be notified of acceptance within 14 days.

If you are just starting out in business or are in a bit of a business rut you can also opt to become a Mummy Tree Member for $49 + GST for the first year and $25 for every year after this if you wish to continue after the first year.  Members receive a $5 discount code to use for all our online and real life market events PLUS our THREE invaluable e-guides for small business and our Social Media Overview.  This is a great offer and well worth the small investment.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Member (Coming Soon) please go HERE.

Do my products need to be handmade?

No they don’t however we do love handmade.  What we look for is uniqueness, not mass produced and products not easily found in shops.