Mad Dash Online Customer FAQ’s

How do I participate in these online events and competitions?

Firstly you must JOIN the Facebook event for the event you are interested in, Pop over to our facebook page –  and check under EVENTS to see what is coming up.  The ‘Mad Dash Sale’ events will be held on Wednesday and Saturday nights from 6.30pm-9.30pm on rotation – so 3 hrs ONLY, hence why it is called a Mad Dash Sale Event.  In the event you will see all the participating stalls prior to the event and once the event has commenced each business will post links to their sale albums ready for you to directly purchase.  Every business will at minimum be offering FREE SHIPPING on any purchase of two items or more from their SALE album plus there will be other GREAT specials offered throughout the duration of the event.  Sometimes there might only be one special so you have to be active in the event looking throughout the 3 hour period. We will also be giving away a $35 gift voucher for one of the participating businesses every hour of the event.

Will I see the products on offer before the event?

No, we like to keep that as a surprise – but you will see all the stallholders who are participating as they will be added to the event in the weeks prior to each event.  You can easily pop over to their facebook pages and see what they do to get a feel for their business prior to the actual event.

Do you guarantee the products offered?

No we are not affiliated with any of the businesses involved, you will need to do your own research to ensure you are happy to purchase from these businesses, however approval is a competitive process based on product range and quality and many have traded at our real life markets so we do feel confident you will be a happy customer.

How do I purchase during the event?

Just go to the EVENT, click on the facebook album link or website link and buy or comment SOLD and leave your email on the product/s you are interested in on the facebook album or just purchase directly through the business website using the DISCOUNT CODE provided.  The businesses involved will put Sale Album links in the comments under their stall in the actual event once the event commences and they will also be present during the 3 hours to answer any questions.

What else will you be offering during the event?

Every hour we will be giving away a $35 gift voucher from one of the participating businesses, this will be random and first to comment WINNER and tag two friends will WIN the Gift Voucher – you must have joined the event and reside in Australia to be eligible.

How do we enter the Instagram Competition?

The Instagram Competition will commence the day after the Mad Dash Sale Event on facebook.  You simply go to our INSTAGRAM page ( themummytreemarkets ) and find the competition post and follow the instructions to enter, it is that easy. Each competition will have a prize pool of up to $750.

Sounds great how can I be notified of upcoming events?

You can ‘LIKE’ our facebook page

Follow us on Instagram ( themummytreemarkets )

And sign up to our Newsletter for these events so you don’t miss out…