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Kim and I have been friends for over 20 years and we developed The Mummy Tree in 2010 as a way to support and promote small, mainly mum based businesses because we found a real lack of options for small businesses to network and promote their business to a wider audience.

I have a background in Marketing and Architectural and Interior Design and Kim has a background in Accounting, Banking and Finance and through our combined skills, our facebook pages, website and market events quickly expanded and now after seven successful years we are branching out in to unique online events to help further grow small businesses.  Our passion for helping small businesses to grow has also meant we have been featured in various print media as well as being selected as two of Australia’s 50 most clickable women (Mamamia) a few years ago and we have also been featured on Sunrise and the Morning Show to talk about our growing success.

We are so excited about this new and affordable avenue for small businesses to grow online and we believe that this can really help small businesses to not only gain more sales but also more targeted followers and networking opportunities.

We had the idea to create an effective online market type event a couple of years ago however it has only been in the last six months that we have really worked hard at making this a reality. By offering a online market event and corresponding competition across two major social media platforms in a short time frame (Mad Dash) with the focus on great sales/offers, we believe will equate to maximum results for our stallholders plus awesome deals for our customers.  By utilizing the two social media platforms means we will be able to take the promotion of our stallholders further to ensure they are achieving maximum results.

This ultimately means more likes, more followers and more sales.

Australian businesses can participate if they offer a unique product range which is not mass produced or easily found in shops and fits into one of the following categories –

  • Maternity products, clothing and accessories
  • Baby products, clothing, accessories, toys, decor etc
  • Children products, clothing, accessories, toys, decor etc
  • Mum and Dad products, clothing and accessories etc
  • Home decor

Stallholder fees are very affordable and each stallholder receives enormous value, plus we also offer our MEMBERSHIP for further discounts and invaluable small business information.

We are so excited about this new opportunity and we hope you are too!

Please see our Stallholder FAQ’s for more information if you would like to be involved or go APPLY directly online HERE.

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