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About our Markets

We aim to provide a chic, inspired and unique marketplace to showcase a diverse range of quality merchandise as part of a relaxed and supportive community. There are opportunities to network with other businesses and share knowledge with like minded colleagues who can truly relate to the benefits of running a small or home based business.

We compliment our marketplace with our dedicated online presence through facebook and also our websites to complete our circle of growth strategies which specifically promote businesses like yours both on-line and in the real world. We aim to increase exposure for your business which we believe will flow on through increased sales and therefore business growth.

‘The Mummy Tree Markets’ aim is to offer quality unique merchandise at affordable prices and offer stallholders a desirable venue to showcase their wares without having a top price attached.

Selection Process

We do not want mass produced, second hand or products which are easily found in shops.

Products/services have to be of a high quality and there has to be a uniqueness to what is showcased, we prefer handmade but are not limited to this and we will also look at some vintage lines and anything which has a point of difference which we believe will enhance our Market.

If you are unsure if your range meets out criteria, please contact us to discuss.

We reserve the right not to accept retailers who do not meet our criteria or who we feel are not suitable for the demographic we are catering for.

Also it is essential your products meet Government Standards. before applying to attend our markets as we take no responsibility in regards to your compliance.

Business products and services must cater for conception, pregnancy, babies, children, teens and/or families (Mums & Dads) to be considered.

We will also have stall holder opportunities for gourmet food products as we feel these businesses will compliment our overall market experience as well as those for food retailers.

We will also select retailers to ensure we have as much variety as is possible. We would like each of our retailers to have a point-of-difference to what is available elsewhere. We will look for a depth of product/service range, style, uniqueness, quality and realistic pricing when selecting retailers.

If your application is unsuccessful and you feel you do meet our guidelines please do not take it personally and please do not be put off applying again. It may be that we have other businesses already booked in which offer a very similar product. It is in the interest of all our retailers that we do not have too many of the same type of stalls at our Markets, to both limit competition and to also offer enough variety, therefore providing a positive market experience for everyone including our customers.

We have kept our stall holder prices as low as is possible however we still wish to ensure the standard of the market remains high and that we can also promote it effectively.

Market Day

Please treat all other stallholders and visitors with the same respect we expect them to treat you with. We have a No Smoking Policy for stallholders and visitors within the Market area.

Please ensure your market stall clearly shows your name in an attractive way.


We will be operating within the Sanctuary Cove precinct, close to the main shopping street and in the shopping area exclusive for our use on market day. This will be a Boutique Family Style market with all stalls being BYO Marquee and full set-up. You can only trade with us if you have a 3m x 3m quality pop-up marquee (oz-trail or equivalent) as it is important that we maintain a cohesive look to ensure our market stalls fit with our boutique feel.

All your tables require a full length cover so any items stored underneath are not visible at all. It is imperative that your stall is presented attractively to highlight your products and our market as this will encourage buyers to pay more attention to your stall and increase your sales – aim for a full but not overcrowded stall. Add a personal touch and aim for stylish and welcoming. This is very important for the overall quality feel of our Market so you need to pay great attention to this to ensure your stall fits well within our Market.

Please make sure all rubbish from your stall area is disposed of before you leave or is taken with you. We wish to keep cleaning costs to a minimum therefore keeping stall prices down.

Please arrive on the premises no sooner than 1.5hrs prior to the market start time, to ensure your stall is set up and ready for operations by market start at either 9am for a day market or 2pm for an afternoon market. Please check with market day manager for market bump-in and bump out times and location.

Please do not close your stall before 6pm when the market starts at 2pm and 1pm when the market starts at 9am.

Our Gold Coast Sanctuary Cove Markets will be a combination of afternoon and morning markets 4-6 times per year. Please note this is an outdoor market so please ensure all BYO marquees are secured by the stallholder in the case of bad weather and is the stallholders full responsibility.


Type Location Included Stall Size Total Price
Casual – BYO Marquee 3m x 3m Marquee NIL own set-up 3.0m x 3.0m $99.00 + GST
Casual – BYO Marquee 3m x 3m Marquee NIL own set-up + Power 3.0m x 3.0m $109.00 + GST

We will be following the lead of our Brisbane/Toowoomba Markets by providing, free craft, children’s entertainment and more at our Gold Coast Markets as we see our markets as events in their own right, these added benefits are what we believe will make our market stand out in the eyes of the customer.

If you choose to/need to bring children please make sure to the best of your ability that they do not disturb other stall holders or cry extensively during operating hours. It is best to have another adult present to supervise them if possible.

It is important that there is someone manning your stall at all times. It is best two of you operate each stall in case you need to go to the bathroom or leave the premises for any reason. Another option is to arrange with a next door stallholder to look after things for you if you need to have a toilet stop.

Try to be considerate of other stallholders and help if you can and they will do the same for you. We are trying to create a community goodwill and success.

Please make sure all walkways and thoroughfares that we have allowed for remain unblocked. This is a safety issue. Please do not store any items outside of your designated stall area.

Please ensure you have racks or whatever you need to clearly display your merchandise in addition to your table.

These conditions must be adhered to at our Markets so as to be able to continue to have the opportunity to trade with us.

Booking Information and Stall Pricing

Please complete the online application under the APPLY tab for the market you are interested in if you wish to apply to participate as a stall-holder at the ‘Mummy Tree Sanctuary Cove or Westfield Helensvale Markets’.

PLEASE NOTE – Full stall payment is required at the time of making your application to have your application assessed/approved. Any application which comes in without payment will not be assessed until payment has been received and our markets do fill up fairly quickly so please do bear this in mind.

Applications will still be individually assessed however it will be on a first come basis, so if you have a similar business to another who has already applied/paid before you, they may be successful and you may not be to ensure competition is limited as much is possible.

This system enables us to save time and to allows us to focus more on our marketing and less on chasing up stallholder payments.

You will be approved or contacted within (7-21) business days after making application to advise of your success – in some instances you may be put on a back-up stallholder waiting list however if this is the case and you do not wish to be on our waitlist please advise us and we will issue a full refund.

Full refunds will be issued for all unsuccessful applicants – a small fee will be deducted by paypal for this service however we can deposit back into your bank account to avoid this – just let us know details if this is your preference.

*Please note making and paying for your application is not a guarantee of selection BUT if unsuccessful you will be refunded.

NB/ Stallholders have the opportunity to be featured in our ‘Best & Beautiful Buys’ online directory and you will receive details about this in your approval email.

Power is available ($10 extra per market – limited – Sanctuary Cove only), please advise if this is required on your application, as mentioned power is limited so only choose this option if it is necessary to your business.


Applications will open approximately 6 weeks prior to each market date and will remain open until the market is full and we do have some suitable back-up stallholders. Full payment MUST be made at time of application to be considered for our market. Full refunds will be issued within (7-21) working days if your application has been unsuccessful.

Market Promotion

Most of you will know we promote all our markets very heavily to a targeted audience. We spend considerable time and money on this and employ people to help us and we also use a PR Company engaged to focus on even more media opportunities for us. Our Sanctuary Cove Markets will also be heavily promoted by us and Sanctuary Cove into their community. Our Westfield Helensvale Market will be promoted extensively by the centre and by us in the lead up to every market.

We will also promote with 10000+ flyers into local schools, kindergartens, community groups, pools, and daycares each and every market and we will also have our banner up in a prominent position prior to the market to be visual to passing traffic as well as promoting through our other markets throughout Brisbane and Toowoomba. We also look at stallholder contributed advertising too.


If you book for a market and find you will no longer be able to attend, please notify us immediately.
Please note NO refunds will be granted for our Westfield Helensvale Market or Sanctuary Cove unless you meet the following criteria:

If you advise us at least (1) month prior to the day of the Market and we are able to then re-book your position for the full price we will only retain a $25 administration fee and we will refund the balance. If we do not fill your position no monies paid will be refunded except in exceptional circumstances and at our discretion.

50% of monies (not including application fee) will be refunded if you advise us of your cancellation within (1) month of the day of the Market but not less than 14 days and if we can re-book your position for the full price.

No monies will be refunded if you advise us of your cancellation within (14) days of the day of the Market.

Important to Note

Limited powered sites are offered at our Sanctuary Cove Markets. If power is required for your stall you will have to pay an extra fee of $10 per market, if power is imperative to your business please note on your application.

We do not refund in the case of bad weather as we have already invested time and money into promoting the markets. Our Markets are only on 4-6 times a year so they are difficult to re-schedule and promote without it costing far more money to do so.

You will be able to access stall location map and number as well as our market stallholder information (1-2) weeks prior to the market – you will be provided with registration details when you have been approved.

PLEASE NOTE: You will have to register for every different Market location you attend of ours, once you are approved to access stallholder information 1-2 weeks before each market, details are sent in your approval letter. However keep this information safe so it can be re-used every time you attend that market.

Our Approvals Manager will activate your registration and your Best and Beautiful Buys Directory Submission 1-2 weeks prior to each market.

You never apply by registering, you simply select the option to APPLY as a new or previous stallholder on the Home Page of this website to make the process simple. We have so many markets with many stallholders attending more than one so it is important we have all stallholder details in the back-end of each of our websites to ensure our operations are run smoothly.

Please remember we try and source quality venues for our Markets therefore any damage caused to the premises will be the responsibility of the stall holder in question to have suitably rectified.

Failure to abide by our terms and conditions may jeopardize any further opportunities with the Mummy Tree Markets.

It is a requirement of approval for all of our markets that you SHARE and promote your attendance at our Markets through all Social Media Channels. Failure to do so may jeopardize your ability to trade with us in the future. You will be sent marketing material you can use to do this prior to every market.

Payment Methods

Paypal at the time of applying is our preferred method.


www.paypal.com.au using our email password gcpayments@themummytree.com.au


If you apply for a Market position and you meet all criteria but no places are available at that time you are able to elect to go on a ‘waiting list’ or be a standby stallholder. We do sometimes have late cancellations .

Joining our Markets

We want the Mummy Tree Markets to have a positive vibe and to be a place both stallholders and families look forward to spending time- to be truly chic, inspired and unique. To be a place where you can get great exposure for your business as well as providing an opportunity to socialize and talk to others about your products and services.

We believe we offer great value for money as we are always looking at new promotional tools and advertising methods for our Markets and strategies for further growth, in fact we are working hard on making our markets the best around.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to know about all the other methods the Mummy Tree has to help promote your business.

We hope to see your Market Application for our Gold Coast Markets very soon.

Cinde & Kim and our Gold Coast Market Team

The Mummy Tree 2010

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P.O. Box 4167, St Lucia 4067, Brisbane Qld

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