Becoming a Permanent Stallholder for our Sanctuary Cove and or Robina Markets

You can apply to be a Permanent Stallholder at any of our markets once you have attended (2) consecutive markets at the location you wish to become a Permanent Stallholder at. We do have a quota that we allow per market for Permanents and once we have reached that quota no more positions will become available until a Permanent cancels or at the end of the year when we look at Permanents for the next year.

You can apply to become a Permanent Stallholder at more than one of our Market Locations except for Toowoomba.

We look carefully at the mix of Permanent Stallholders so you may not be approved as a Permanent Stallholder at the destination of your choice, this is no reflection on your products/services it is often a situation of having met the amount of stalls of a particular type already.

Permanent stallholders do get extra promotion through our facebook page plus they do not need to apply for any markets at the location they are a Permanent at whilst they are a Permanent Stallholder. Permanent Stallholders simply have to pay their stall fee within (7) days of the applications opening for the next market. In most cases we try to give preferences for stall types and locations unless those positions are already held by other Permanent Stallholders.

Please note a BOND is required to become a Permanent Stallholder, this is equal to your stall fee. This acts as an commitment fee, as you will be committing to attend all the markets in the location you have applied to be a Permanent Stallholder at for the calendar Year.

If you cannot attend a market you must give at least (6) weeks notice to keep your bond intact. If you do not give us the required notice you may forfeit all or part of your bond and your place with us as a Permanent Stallholder. We will however look at this on a case by case basis and assess the individuals circumstances.

Once you have applied to be a Permanent we will approve you within (7) business days. Upon approval you will have a further (7) days to make your BOND Payment to our nominated Bank Account.

At the end of every Calendar Year we re-assess our Permanent Stallholders. If you are a Permanent Stallholder you will be sent an email outlining all market dates for the following year and asking if you wish to continue as a Permanent Stallholder, if you do and we are happy to have you continue we will simply carry your bond forward to the next year. If you wish to cancel for whatever reason you can and we will refund your BOND into your nominated bank account.

If you have any questions about being a Permanent Stallholder at our Gold Coast Markets please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you would like to APPLY as a PERMANENT STALLHOLDER please fill in our APPLICATION FORM – Robina or our APPLICATION FORM – Sanctuary Cove.
PLEASE NOTE – no payment is required until you are approved.

Applications for Robina or Sanctuary Cove Permanent Stallholders will not open until early December 2012 for 2013.

Cinde, Kim & Mandy

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