About Our Markets

We provide a chic, inspired and unique marketplace to showcase a diverse range of quality merchandise as part of a relaxed and supportive community. There are opportunities to network with other businesses and share knowledge with likeminded colleagues who can truly relate to the benefits of running a small or home based business.
We compliment our marketplace with our dedicated online presence through facebook and other social media outlets as well as valuable real life promotion. Our aim is to increase exposure for your business which we believe will flow on through with increased sales and therefore business growth – just ask around as we have seen many businesses grow and thrive since starting at our markets.

‘The Mummy Tree Markets’ aim is to offer quality unique merchandise at affordable prices and offer stallholders a desirable venue to showcase their wares without having a top price attached.

Selection Process

Our markets do not showcase mass produced, second hand or products which are easily found in shops. Products/services must be of a high quality and there has to be a uniqueness to what is showcased, we prefer handmade but are not limited to this and we will also look at some vintage lines and anything which has a point of difference which we believe will enhance our Market.
If you are unsure if your range meets out criteria, please CONTACT US to discuss.
We reserve the right not to accept retailers who do not meet our criteria or who we feel are not suitable for the demographic we are catering for.

Also it is essential your products meet Government Standards before applying to attend our markets as we take no responsibility in regards to your compliance.

Business products and services must cater for conception, pregnancy, babies, children, teens and/or families (Mums & Dads) to be considered. We will also have stall holder opportunities for Food Retailers at our Markets (Morningside and Sanctuary Cove ONLY) as we feel these businesses will compliment our overall market experience.

We try and select retailers to ensure we have as much variety as is possible. We would like each of our retailers to have a point-of-difference to what is available elsewhere. We will look for a depth of product/service range, style, uniqueness, quality and realistic pricing when selecting retailers. If your application is unsuccessful and you feel you do meet our guidelines please do not take it personally and please do not be put off applying again. It may be that we have other businesses already booked in which offer a very similar product. It is in the interest of all our retailers that we do not have too many of the same type of stalls at our Markets, to both limit competition and to also offer enough variety, therefore providing a positive market experience for everyone including our customers. We have kept our stall holder prices as low as is possible however we still wish to ensure the standard of the market remains high and that we can also promote our markets effectively.

As of the 4th January 2016 ALL our applications for all our Markets will be open online. You can choose to apply for one or multiple markets (discounts apply – 4 markets booked and paid for in one transaction – $30 (Half Stalls = $15) OR all our 2016 markets booked and paid for in one transaction before 1st Feb – $150 – Full Stalls Only) , payment must be made at the time of applying for your application to be considered. If unsuccessful you will be fully refunded within 7-14 days of applying or within 3 days of being advised.

Whilst we have a strict selection criteria it will still be a case of first in first approved in 2016 – this means if you apply and pay first and you meet our criteria and your products are the same as (4) other businesses who applied after you – you will be approved over the other applicants, depending of course on the quota allowed for that type of product for that market.

Market Day

Please treat all other stallholders and visitors with the same respect we expect them to treat you with. Please note : We have a strict No Smoking Policy for stallholders and visitors within all the Market areas. and lastly please don’t forget to ensure your market stall clearly shows your name in an attractive way.